Benefits for Business - resource management, workflow, process management

It’s not always easy to justify the deployment of new software; you need to weigh-up:

  • Your requirements (What’s the business need?)
  • The sales spiel of preferred vendors (Will it deliver what they claim?)
  • Business and IT Strategy (Does it fit?)
  • Business priorities and potential Return on Investment (ROI) (Is it good value?)
  • How future-proof is the application (Will it be around in 5-10 years’ time?)

At STORM we’re confident we have most of your questions/issues covered

If we haven’t please contact us

  • STORM increases profit margins by improved employee efficiency
  • 10-33% productivity improvements typically achieved**
  • ROI is a no-brainer (Please see calculation below)
  • Dynamic and interactive dashboards that show the latest situation 24/7/365
  • Email alerts highlight problems so you can manage by exception
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) software on-demand (No capital investment)
  • Delivered via The Cloud or behind your firewall
  • Accurate and real-time KPI data captured in the workflow  
  • ALL business (or private) activities, workflow and processes in one place
  • Collaborate and share activities, workflow and processes across all time zones
  • FREE access to your data, it's not locked away it's yours  
  • Exception management saves valuable Project Management and planning time
  • Scales with your business, only pay for active users

ROI Calculation example:

20 staff earning £25,000 p.a. + (33% other employment costs) = Monthly bill £55,416

Investment Gain: Just 10% productivity efficiency gain = £5,541 monthly
Investment Cost: 20 x £19.97 = £399 monthly

100 x (5,541 – 399) ÷ 399 = ROI 1288%

** Higher levels of gain are achievable when STORM is used as a tool for change e.g. introduced as part of a continuous improvement programme.