STORM Services - process management, dashboard, scorecards, KPI capture, continuous improvement programs

With a wealth of experience in the company we offer a number of different services, namely STORM Training, STORM Consultancy, General Consultancy and STORM Systems Integration services.

STORM Training

The most efficient way of training is to engage ‘champions’; so we train the trainers, rather than a series of mass sittings

  • Your own team implements STORM to your way of doing things
  • The champions learn more quickly actually working with STORM
  • You don’t waste money on days of training

STORM Consultancy

  • Implementation and Setup advice (Ensuring best fit for your organisation)
  • Process mapping consultancy (Best ways to tackle the process)
  • Interoperability, what systems do you need STORM to connect with (Interfaces, API’s)
  • KPI capture, continuous improvement programs including 6 Sigma
  • Dashboard, scorecard development/interfacing, presenting VOP and VOC (Voice of Process/Production or Customer)
  • Other IT and systems consultancy

STORM System Integration

Your STORM data is held in an easily accessible SQL database, naturally you want access to this data to be able to utilise it for whatever purpose you require. STORM has experience in interfacing to the following:

  • SAP (Accounts Client and Product Tables mapping)
  • SalesForce Dot Com (Opportunities and Quotes module)
  • SAGE TSP (Timesheet Professional mapping)
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