Problems Solved - scheduling, resource management  and project management needs

Put the fun back into planning. The planning and defining of projects and processes is not the problem, it’s keeping track of where you are at any one point that is.

STORM can help any size business organise, from the smallest to complex, matrix management organisations.


You use multiple ‘systems’ to manage your processes and projects, spreadsheets, documents, project tools, CRM, other desktop tools.

Problem is they don’t join up to give you a clear picture of your resources or what’s going on at the coal-face!

STORM centralises all these business activities into one place, the interaction between them is clear for all to see.

BPO - Off-shoring your business processes and wondering how you are going to maintain visibility?

Map your processes/projects in STORM and make the 3rd party continue updating progress. Write it into the Statement of Work (SoW)

Top 5 Project Managers problems solved!


Missing Deadlines

Warnings, alerts and late reports are integral to STORM and are triggered by the smallest variation to the plan. You should never miss another deadline.

Resource Gaps

Holidays and other staff absences run alongside project tasks, so there is absolute clarity of gaps or clashes.

Task tracking and signoff

STORM gives back control to the PM. Team member’s sign-off time against their own allotted tasks in a simple dashboard. They are accountable for responding to your published plan. Your job is to manage by exception.

Keeping plan up to date

We’ve all been there, you frantically rush around updating the plan to have a stakeholders meeting. After the meeting you go back to ‘managing’ the project, the plan grows older by the day. STORM dashboards and reports give a dynamic and true reflection of the plan at any one time.

Thinking time

Because team members update STORM every minute of the day you can manage by exception and concentrate on overseeing a successful project, rather than chasing people with your clipboard.

Top 5 Operation Managers problems solved!


More with less

With constant pressure to do more with less, mapping and managing your company’s workload in STORM gives crystal clear insight into staff utilisation and capacity.

What’s everyone doing?

Simply mapping your processes into STORM quickly builds up a picture at a granular level of activities in your business. The data and reports in STORM can rapidly help to weed out process dog-legs and save valuable time.

How well are they doing it?

Planning is at the heart of STORM, valuable operational data is collected from the outset, assessment quickly reveals how well this is being done within your organisation.

Accountability and responsibility

It’s not about playing the blame game, but in a crisis you need to know who the main players are, when the process breaks down. At any point STORM shows you the detail of which department and individual is responsible for the task, and the chain of command.

Continuous improvement and KPI

Entering your processes in STORM is a one-time operation, however data collected during the running of these processes gives you hard facts that facilitate and support KPI, 6 Sigma and continuous improvement programmes.

Fed up with the daily maelstrom, need some breathing space to think? Then contact us, we’d like to help. Remember, STORM works for you, not the other way around!

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