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STORM software for your business process (BPM) and project management (PM) needs - Out-of-the-box

STORM Overview

STORM provides a 360-degree view of all your business activities in one place across all time zones 24/7/365.

STORM engenders and supports a new more collaborative paradigm within the workplace that fosters visibility, accountability, responsibility and cooperation.

Your staff feel empowered to play their full part in the process, enabling managers to manage by exception and concentrate on the business NOT the process.

What does it do?

The STORM planning suite facilitates ALL planning disciplines in one place. Whether you need to:

  • Map and monitor Business processes (BPM) and (BAM)
  • Plan a project (PM)
  • Capture staff absences
  • Ad hoc tasks and activities
  • Resource Management

STORM can do it.


Today's world constantly demands 'more with less' so, it makes sense to have a tool that can control valuable resources across all business functions and activities whilst ensuring your clients and partners get the service they expect? STORM can help.

You need a simple process planning tool but, worried about these?

  • Expense (Up-front and on-going)
  • Complexity (You don’t have a Nuclear Physicist on your payroll) 
  • Vendor doesn’t seem to listen or understand (Just selling you the dream)
  • Massive build (NOT out-of-the-box)
  • Vendor consultants camped out for weeks or months (What are they all doing?)
  • Not interested in Modelling or Simulation? (Let’s just get on with it and take control)

Most things really are simple, so why complicate them?

STORM can help you out of the box within minutes.

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Catch us on Stand P20 at the Business Transformation Expo held at London Excel 23 - 24 May 2012

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